Saturday, October 12, 2013

Please, Proceed!

The Republican Party, plumbing the depths of its own candidate field, has produced yet another ripe, moist nugget.

And his name is Rick Santorum.

Yes, indeed.  The Frothy Mixture was seen oozing his way around the "Value Voters Summit" yesterday, dropping hints like sloppy road apples as to his 2016 Presidential ambitions.  In fact, one pollster obligingly canvassed a boatload of polls and discovered that Mullah Ricky is eighth out of a very crowded field that includes such conservative firebrands as Mitch Daniels and Condoleeza Rice.

Of course, the field also includes so-called human beings Paul Ryan, Rand Paul and Sarah Palin.

Looking over the field, all I can say is that if this is the best the GOP can offer, we may as well start inauguration proceedings for Hillary Clinton right now, and save the effort.


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