Saturday, April 05, 2014

Stop Complaining About Political Corruption

If you voted for the guys who appointed John "Johnny Smiles" Roberts, Samuel "Sammy the Weasel" Alito, Antonin "Fat Tony" Scalia, Clarence "Quiet Man" Thomas and Anthony "Tony the Swinger" Kennedy to the United States Supreme Court, you should stop complaining about the corrupting influence of money in American politics.

Simply stop complaining. Thanks to this little quintet of mafiosi, people and organizations (let us recall the Mittbot's famous assertion that "Corporations are people too!" from the 2012 campaign) who have more money than you and I will make in our entire lifetimes will be able to wield more influence.

It started with the Citizens United decision, and was reinforced with the recent decision in McCutcheon v FEC.

I've written to my congressional delegation suggesting that a new law be passed requiring Congressmen and Senators to wear corporate logos (similar to the walking billboards that are NASCAR drivers) so we know who owns these people.

(Full disclosure: I'm as much to blame, having voted for Reagan. I have performed the necessary acts of penance and contrition.)


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