Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dear Senator Tom Coburn

Dear Dr. Coburn,

Fuck you.

Fuck you and your veiled calls for violence if Obama signs an executive order regarding the current immigration problem.  The Great God Reagan and Bush the Smarter did the same thing Obama's about to do, and you didn't see unrest or riots in the streets.  Far from it.

You, however . . . you are called "Doctor No" with good reason for your obstructionism.  Had you and the rest of your greasy ilk had the testicular fortitude to tell the Crazies in your own god-damned Party to sit down and shut up, you might have gotten a bipartisan solution to this problem, along with many others.

But no.  Had Obama been the tyrant, dictator or monarch that your minions and associates continue to bleat about, neither you nor your caucus would have won a Senate majority.  Hell, none of you would be at liberty now, and never mind the tepid squalling of the Tea Party.  All the shotguns and aftermarket AK-47s in the world are useless when faced with a drone wielding a Hellfire missile.

Pray we never actually get a tyrant in this country.

In the meanwhile, for your attempts to whip up the frothingly rabid Taliban base of your Party, Senator Coburn:

Fuck you. 


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