Monday, June 27, 2005

Nature Pissed Off

Ordinarily I believe in no power superior to my own mind, but you have to admit that the recent spate of natural events might give the credulous room to think:

Earthquakes in California
Fires in the American Southwest
Floods in China
Shark attacks in Florida
Bear attacks in Alaska
Karl Rove actually seen in the sunlight (which could severely injure his maggotlike fishbelly-white skin)

And so on. We're into summer, which is the Silly Season, that time of year when Americans start worrying about stupid shit. We've seen this before, when a combination of Brittney Spears, shark attacks and Gary Condit served to distract the public away from the looming menace that finally broke like a thunderstorm over our heads on September 11, 2001.

What will be this year's Summer Distraction?


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