Monday, June 27, 2005

Weekend Recap

Well, let's see what happened over the weekend while I wasn't paying attention, shall we?

Donny the Jowl Rumsfeld was on a Sunday talk show and related the startling news that, despite what Dick the Smirk said about the "last throes" and all that, the insurgency in Iraq could last another 12 years or so. How he got that figure he wouldn't say, but it sounds like PIFTA to me.

PIFTA = Pulled It From Thin Air. Long-range economists do that a lot, and now apparently so does Donny the Jowl.

Rumsfeld also admitted what the BBC reported on several months ago - we've opened negotiations with some of the insurgent groups. So much for our principled stand on never negotiating with terrorists, eh Donny? I guess politics is the art of the possible, after all.

More bombs in Iraq, killing another number of people in Mosul. The Butcher's Bill for George Bush's vicarious assertion of his manhood is now about 1740. Most of those died after Dubya declared "Mission Accomplished" in that oh-so-obviously staged aircraft carrier photo op.

The tragic deaths of three small kids in Camden NJ was ruled an accident by the police there. Of course, there'll be an investigation into why no one thought of checking the trunk.

I didn't miss much, did I?


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