Friday, August 26, 2005

Enemies, Foreign and Domestic - and Furry?

Well, not precisely.

There's no doubt that our country faces a threat from foreign troublemakers intent on disrupting the fat, dumb and happy mob that is America. I won't mince words here, so stop foaming at the mouth. Right now.

But what about domestic terrorists? What about people who, because their name might be "Bob" rather than "Achmed," get a pass from the FBI? Case in point: a group of Klansmen (yes, you heard me right) tried to blow up a refinery in 1997. The explosion would have killed thousands. Another case in point: a Texas couple who had amassed enough weapons and ammunition to start a war with a Third World country (and lick it) as well as enough cyanide to kill a thousand Americans.

Granted, the Klan attempt failed (anyone who thinks that the Klan isn't riddled with informers probably isn't paying attention) and the Texas couple are in jail (seems they couldn't address a package correctly), but their arrest and the trial of Eric Rudolph do not mark the end of domestic terror in this country. It's still here, folks, and it's just as virulent and nasty as the Muslim variety (maybe more so).

Now, you may ask, well, this all well and good - but "furry?" What's up with that?

What indeed.

Animal-rights and environmental terror groups are a growing problem, basically because they've discovered the fun of the ancient tool of the revolutionary - Violence. Some burn SUVs, others burn houses, still others release caged animals into the wild. That last one can backfire on you - a number of sables were released, and immediately turned on and killed each other.

But now ... a supposed animal-rights group has allegedly dug up an old woman and are holding her corpse hostage until her relatives stop raising guinea pigs for laboratory testing.

Weirdness, people - and it's only going to get worse.


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