Friday, September 09, 2005

Chto Delyat?

That's Russian, by the way.

It's a question that translates to English as "What is to be done?" And it opens up a whole Pandora's foot locker/steamer trunk of other questions.

What is to be done about the corruption of the once-proud Republican Party into a twisted Hezbollah clone?

What is to be done about the stupidity and short-sightedness in our government that led to the appointment of Michael "Gee, I Never Rid A Horsie Before" Brown as Director of FEMA?

What is to be done about a President who is so shallow as to be all surface, and apparently has difficulty recalling one major screwup after another? (I would rather believe Nancy Pelosi than any of the lickspittle toadying Junta "spokespersons.")

What is to be done about the hell-bent rush of the Hezbollah USA Bible-spewing antiChristians to destroy science and impose their own fairy-tale view of the universe on us?

What is to be done about the supposedly "mainstream" media who no longer recognize the difference between facts and opinions?

What is to be done?


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