Monday, September 05, 2005

Shame, Shame, Eternal Shame

Pardon is not the word for all in this sorry debacle.

There are neither words enough, tears enough nor anger enough for me to express my sorrow and my rage. We as a nation have not been well served by this present government. Its post-9/11 attitude toward disaster and emergency preparedness has been almost criminal in its studied negligence. Appointing friends to important posts is part of politics, but appointing someone whose government experience extended to Assistant City Manager (as well as business experience in arranging horse shows) smacks not just of cronyism, but rank stupidity.

We have shown ourselves that what George Bush and the False Republicans have told us is a lie. We are not safer than we were before 9/11. I'll repeat that (as if it needs repeating, after the sorry showing FEMA, DHS and the rest of the government has shown the past week).

We are not safer than we were before 9/11.

Someone made the brilliant observation that if the reaction to Katrina was any measurement of our reaction to a terrorist attack using nuclear, chemical or biological weapons, we are well and truly screwed. And that's true.

We've received offers of aid from Cuba and Iran, along with nearly sixty other nations, the United Nations and NATO. Whether the Bushite Junta accepts this remains to be seen.


Blogger JeromeProphet said...

You are definately not alone.
Other conservatives are critical of the poor response by FEMA, and DHS.

I've posted a series of photos from FEMAs website showing how FEMA is turning Katrina into a photo op.

Bush needs to fire a few people quickly!

I doubt he will though, he just doesn't have it in him.

I make no pretense, I'm not a Republican, but my favorie president - Abe Lincoln was.


1:45 AM EDT  

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