Tuesday, September 06, 2005

"In A Democracy....

"... People Get the Government They Deserve."

Adlai Stevenson wrote that, back in the misty depths of the 50s, and you know what? It's the sort of blindingly obvious half-bright thing that someone casually says without regard for the stultifying weight of sheer karmic baggage it carries. It's like saying that a ship's "unsinkable" when everyone knows that it you put a hole in anything floating there's at least an outside possibility that everyone's going to be singing Nearer My God to Thee sooner rather than later.

So, we're in a democracy, and now we have the government we deserve. Which, I'm sure, causes many people to wonder why.

What have we done to deserve having the once-proud Republican Party usurped by a lying pack of venial bastards who are as crooked as godsdamned screwworms?

What have we done to deserve a government who believes in shrinking itself to the point that it can no longer defend, protect, or even aid us adequately?

What have we done to deserve a braindead soulless Son of Privilege as the self-styled Leader of the Free World?

We True Republicans know. The False Republicans - a crew of unethical, unjust, lying, grasping, unChristian and anti-American Whores usurped the Party of Lincoln and have warped it into a callous shadow of its former self. Eisenhower was right - the military/industrial complex has corrupted the nation, and it was his own party that let it happen.

For shrinking our government we can thank Ronald "I Can't Recall A Fucking Thing" Reagan who repeated "Government is the problem" so many times people began to believe it. We should also thank intellectual lightweights like Grover "Bathtub" Norquist. Hey, Grover, government needs to be a certain size, or it can't function as a fucking government, you godsdamned retard! Maybe you should look up the phrase "social contract," which boils down to "you protect us, so we obey your laws."

The False Republicans love fear. Fear, after all, is one of the greatest human drives - right Up There with sex and hunger. So they used Fear, and Lies, and Doubletalk ("Clean Skies" for giving polluters a pass, "Healthy Forests" to allow the logging industry to continue their rape of the land, etc.) in order to get their very own Johnny Iselin elected and re-elected President. And this mindless drug-addled dolt who could never succeed at any business venture his smarter father ever set him up with (Arbusto Oil, anyone?) surrounds himself with drooling sycophants who fondle themselves while fantasizing about an American Empire stretching its Pax from pole to melting pole, rewriting reality and sucking Iraqi Oil as if it were mother's milk squirted from Barbara Bush's withered mammaries.

Think about it, won't you? Thank you. And while you're at it, ponder how much karma we'll have to accrue in order to efface this Embarrassment of A Presidency.


Anonymous pissed off patricia said...

I can't type right now, instead I want to clap my hands and applaud every freakin' word you wrote.
That's just excellent!

4:13 PM EDT  
Blogger Walt said...


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Blogger Terrible said...

I second what pop said! And I'm going to have to start stopping in here more reguraly!! That's damn good!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I'll be passing it on!

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