Thursday, September 01, 2005

Letter and Reply

Much to my amazement, I received this letter from my Representative, Adam Putnam (R-FL):

As the nation continues to witnesses the destruction and aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, many Floridians have contacted me to ask how they can best help in the relief efforts. I have included helpful information on my website to assist you in helping our friends across the Gulf Coast region as they continue recovery efforts from one of the worst natural disasters to ever hit our nation. I have provided the link below which contains information on finding the status of missing relatives, organizations to contact for donations and volunteer information, as well as the latest news on the affected region.
I also want to ensure you that I am working with my colleagues here in Florida and across the nation to respond effectively to this crisis. Just as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) responded to Florida during our hurricane crisis last year, FEMA has deployed unprecedented resources to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. This includes more than 50 Disaster Medical Assistance Teams and 25 Urban Search and Rescue Teams to help save as many lives as possible. The United States Coast Guard continues conducting search and rescue missions in some of the most devastated areas in New Orleans, which continues to be flooded. The Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control are working to place victims with medical needs into operating hospitals, and providing important resources to medical personnel to help ensure the health of Hurricane Katrina’s victims. Our military, the Department of Defense, has deployed personnel and resources to provide for search and rescue missions, disaster response equipment, and a hospital ship to provide medical care. In addition, the National Guard has nearly 11,000 Guardsmen to assist with the growing need for security and other disaster response efforts.
We are also continuing efforts to ensure that adequate food, water, shelter and medical supplies are provided to survivors. The Department of Transportation has provided more than 400 trucks to bring millions of meals, gallons of waters, and ice, along with tarps, generators, disaster supplies, blankets, cots, and other important supplies, to the dislocated citizens along the Gulf Coast. We are also working to remove debris, where possible, and restore critical infrastructure that is necessary to begin the important process of recovery, including establishing power lines, communication centers, and roads. This is a devastating time for the Gulf Coast region, particularly Louisiana, and I stand committed to help serve the needs of the region and state. I hope you will join me in the important recovery efforts during the coming weeks, months, and years as the people of the Gulf Coast rebuild. Again, please visit the link below to learn more in how you can help in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
May God continue to Bless America.
Adam Putnam
Member of Congress

Now, that was nice of him, wasn't it? Now here's my reply:

Mr. Putnam:

Thank you very much for your kind letter. I donated money to the American Red Cross on Tuesday morning as the scale of this disaster became apparent to me, and I plan on donating more money as soon as retail gasoline prices subside. However, I cannot help but feel that the people of these areas were not well served by the government currently in power.
Vital reinforcement to the New Orleans levees, reported three years ago, was not done. Vital time was lost before FEMA and the National Guard responded to the crisis. It may be too late to save thousands of people.
Mr. Putnam, I also thank you for the Internet link to your website, but I have enough common sense to know where to send charity, and when to send it. As I say, the events of the past few years have convinced me, a registered Republican, that the political party in power has not served this nation's best interests.
I shall continue to donate funds to the relief of those suffering the effects of Hurricane Katrina, but rest assured that neither you nor any other Republican will receive my vote in the 2006 election.
Sincerely ...

Now, is that a proper reply? Or should I try to make his aide feel even more like a fool?


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