Friday, November 11, 2005

Classic Stupidity

You have to hand it to Crazy Pat Robertson - the stupid asshole just won't learn. Earlier this summer, the affable and smiling Avatar of the Christian Taliban Death God issued a kill order against Venezuela's leader, and now he has issued his own special Fatwa Lite against an entire town.

Dover, Pennsylvania solved its little problem with Christian Fascists attempting to force-feed their twisted version of life's origins on impressionable schoolkids by simply voting the entire False Republican council out of office, replacing them with Democrats.

Needless to say, Crazy Pat wasn't amused, so he put on his special tinfoil hat and ascended the mountain to summon the Death God. Don't come crying to me or to God, Pat said, if your little town gets hammered by some hideous disaster.

All of which really means?

It means that if any Christian Taliban or complete raving bullfruit should throw a bomb or shoot up the place, Crazy Pat might find his worthless saggy diaper-wearing ass in jail for inciting violence.

One wonders why Crazy Pat's family haven't increased his meds by now.


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