Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The New Stupid

A state voted yesterday to win the title of Stupidest State in America, and the winner was the State of Kansas, for deciding that there's no need to teach their kids any of that high-falutin' science crap.

The state's Board of Education now has to teach Intelligent Design in schools as an 'alternative theory' of life's origins. For starters, ID fails the test of logic and fails the scientific method, as I explained in an earlier post several months ago. One of its loudest supporters has conceded that the "Designer" was simply the God of Christianity.

Our education system is a joke, and rapidly becoming a bad joke, at that. China and other countries are graduating children with the knowledge that they'll need to innovate and advance in a technological age, while we're still having trouble getting our sums right.

Way back when, America thought that its education system was great, that literacy was 100%, and that other countries would take years to catch up with us.

Then the Russians launched Sputnik.

Panic ensued (and Americans panic easily, you know), and Congress passed what was known as the National Defense Education Act, which required schools to teach math and science skills needed to cope with advances in technology.

The next Sputnik Moment will come from China or Japan.

Will we be ready?


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