Saturday, October 29, 2005

Punk(s) of the Week

It's (once again) that time, when we fearlessly isolate the biggest Punk and reveal their Punkery for all the non-Punk world to see.

I have to tell you, folks, it's been a busy week for Punks. Let's call the roll:

Harriet Miers: Poor Tabula Rasa finally bowed to the increasing pressure from the Christian Fascist Wing of the False Republican Party and withdrew her nomination. It was enlightening for the American public (at least, those whose brains aren't connected by USB cables to Rupert Murdoch's private septic tank, aka Fox 'News') to see just how beholden the Bushite Junta is to the Christian Fascists. Granted, Tabula Rasa was about as qualified to be a Supreme Court Justice as Mad Harry the Hobo, but to read her gushing, worshipful grandmotherly devotions to George & Laura was to see that she had descended into rampant Punkettery.

Irving Lewis "Scooter" Libby: The Chief of Staff for the Vice President got his worthless limping ass indicted this week, and it was wonderful to behold. He did the right thing and resigned, but that won't save him or his evil masters.

Karl Rove: You're next, Fat Boy.

The Christian Fascist Wing of the GOP: Those of us whose eyes are open and whose minds are unclouded have watched these bastards pulling the strings on their Republican puppets ever since Dear Leader became President in 2000. They have slowly and steadily emerged into the sunlight, enough to now openly declare that they have George W. by the testicles, and their threats to the GOP thralls in the Senate forced Frist to tell the President that he won't have Tabula Rasa on the Court. Now, add to that the ongoing superstitious nonsense that these DeathGod worshippers (I say that because nothing they say or do reminds me of anything Christlike) are trying to ram down our throats, including Intelligent Design, Creationism, Strict Constructionism, Dominionism, and you have before you a massive, almost Biblical, display of outstanding Punkery.

His Excellency Leader of the Free World and Imposer of the Pax Americana Upon all those Undeserving Brown People Whether They Want it or Not, George Walker Bush: Yep, it's certainly been a bad week for Dear Leader, who skedaddled out of Washington yesterday (again) for another weekend away from his actual job. I swear, if I took that much time off, I'd be unemployed. But still, I'm not having to cope with the blood of 2,005 or so dead Americans on my hands, nor am I having to cope with the fact that my right-hand 'man' might end up indicted or charged criminally for his efforts to browbeat and hoodwink this country into a war that has cost us lives, money, self-respect and goodwill.

So, George, you're a Punk, and you always have been a Punk. I'm sure the Secret Service laid in extra supplies of Jim Beam and fine-cut Peruvian Flake up at Camp David (don't worry - they won't tell Laura).


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