Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Holiday Review

Well, I hope that everyone had just a splendiferous Solstice on the 21st (I was going to dance ritually naked around a bonfire, but I know my neighbors would have complained), and a wonderful Christmas/Hanukah on the 25th.

I got a few books (including Eric Hoffer's True Believers, Rawls' Theory of Justice, and the last of the Sleeping Beauty books by Anne Rice) and some videotapes. There was other stuff, but I ain't telling. So there.

I did the same traditional thing I did last year, which was to offer dinner to my family at my house. I wasn't so pressed for time as I was last year, and everything turned out perfect. We had:
Prime rib
Mashed potatoes with brown butter and green onions
Carrots spiced with cinnamon and cayenne
Green beans with bacon
Apple pie
Coconut cream pie
Walnut/cranberry upside down cake.

I fed eleven people (counting Yours Truly), and no one walked away hungry.


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