Sunday, February 12, 2006


Noted author and humorist PJ O'Rourke once titled a book about the Congress and its members Parliament of Whores, and he was never more right than now.

That came out a bit stilted, didn't it?

Whatever. None of you read this for English lessons.

As the Abramoff Scandal widens, more and more Republican congresscritters are being caught in the wire-noose traps. Trapped by their extremities, they either jabber frantically in order to frighten their opponents away, keen shrilly for support, or chew their own legs off in a vain effort to get clear of the impending fate that awaits them.

Now, of course, the GOP leadership is trying to defuse this, partly by putting disgraced and indicted Texas-size Asshole Tom Bugnuts DeLay into the chairmanship of the Appropriations Committee, as well as put him in the position to shut off funds to the very same Special Prosecutor investigating his scandal. Neat, huh?

Sen. Pat Roberts (I won't name what state he supposedly represents because I don't want to insult them by mentioning them in association with this waste of valuable natural resources) basically adopted the same position Nixon did in 1977 - "If the President does it, it's legal." Um, Pat, hey, did you know that Nixon was pressured into resigning over warrantless wiretaps, among other things? And if he hadn't resigned, he would've been impeached and put in prison? You disgusting prick. I shall daily pray that the same God who killed Cain and squashed Samson comes out of retirement with your name #1 on his 'People To Do' list.

Meanwhile, Our Clueless President, Rex et Imperator and Provisioner Extraordinaire of Dick Cheney's Portfolio, George W Bush makes his merry way, speaking to carefully screened crowds of sycophants and worshippers. God, I have just one request this week - put this hopeless wastrel President in a position where he'll be asked some real questions for a change, huh? Please?

But getting back to the Brothel that is Official Washington, if you have the money you can get anything done in Washington. Anything at all! A law to guarantee the transportation of flocks of sweet young Arab children in order to keep Dick Cheney supplied with fresh blood? Not a problem.

A law that lets Bush do whatever the hell he wants, even if it means using the Constitution (that he swore to uphold) as toilet paper? You betcha, Sport. Get out the checkbook.

Yes. The Best Government Money Can Buy.


Blogger Missouri Mule said...

You're a wise ole sage. Like my dear ole Pappy used to say, if ya want to get screwed go to court. If ya wanna get justice, go to a whorehouse.

4:06 PM EST  

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