Thursday, April 13, 2006

War on Easter!

Yes, there is a War On Easter! To the battlements!

We shall nuke the hordes of fluffy bunnies and destroy utterly the candy factories that supply us with those sinfully soft and yet surprisingly resilient marshmallow peeps!

But seriously, folks ...

The latest outrage in the Fox News/Christian Reich/Stupid Asshole War Room is the so-called War on Easter. Apparently, and Bill O'Dumbass'Reilly should know, a worker was told to remove the symbols of a Christian holiday from her work station. And what were those symbols of a Christian holiday, you might ask?

The question was rhetorical.

The symbols were rabbits, eggs and baby chicks.


The last time I read the Bible, there was not a godsdamned thing said about the Easter Rabbit spewing eggs from his bunghole to bemuse and frighten the Romans while Christ rolled the rock away from his tomb (where do you think he gets those eggs, anyway?).

Rabbits and eggs are symbols of fertility, but apparently Dumb Bill (the Falafel Boy) doesn't know that they are PAGAN symbols of fertility.

Hey, Bill, you really want to fight a War on Easter? Try stamping out all the sales that go on during this weekend. Get the commercialism out of the holiday.

By the way, new subject: My local supermarket sells milk chocolate CROSSES alongside the obligatory chocolate bunnies. Now, I can bite the head off a chocolate bunny any day, but biting the head off a chocolate Jesus strikes even me as being a bit odd.


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