Friday, April 07, 2006

A Rant On Several Subjects

The latest AP/Ipsos poll points out that Dear Leader's popularity among ordinary Americans is now at 36%, with Republicans giving him only a 72% approval rating (down from 85% last year at this time). Everything this President touches seems to turn to manure before our very eyes.

Condoleezza Rice went before the Senate yesterday to downplay the India nuclear deal that Bush signed a while back. See, supplying India with nuclear materials and essentially giving them the green light on building nukes violates the NPT, and what Bush signed wasn't a treaty - it was a trade agreement. The entire Congress will have to approve this piece of shit, and I'm not so sure that they will.

Nearly 2330 American soldiers have died in Iraq so far, and things are really starting to shape up in that country. Why, just today 74 people died and 130 were injured when two suicide bombers walked into a mosque and pulled the thunder cords on their vests. I wonder if the Bush apologists will just shrug this off as 'urban renewal.'

An honest American excoriated President Bush yesterday. I wonder if he's in Guantanamo yet?

VP Cheney's former Chief of Staff and Head Bootlicker, Irving Libby (I will not refer to him as Scooter), intimated in court documents that the decision to leak classified materials relevant to the search for Iraqi WMDs came from Bush. I wouldn't expect anything less from a guy whose father was Head of the CIA under Nixon.

Gasoline prices at the station nearest my house are currently $2.73 a gallon, and the summer driving season has not started yet. Expect to see average gas prices nationwide top $3, and oil companies will again report record profits.

"When the people fear the government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty," wrote Thomas Jefferson.

When will our government fear us again?


Blogger BlondeSense Liz said...

Ah so you guys are being strangled for fuel too way down south? At the rate the prices are rising, I imagine that no one, but no one, is afraid of the people.

And no one cares about those dying and being maimed in Iraq cause that's just unpatriotic.

7:36 PM EDT  
Blogger Walt said...

Oh yes. I put $20 in my tank the other day and it only filled it up to the 3/4 line. An old guy at the next pump grumbled, it's costing me $44 to fill up."

I really made his day; I said, "Don't worry. It'll go higher."

9:10 AM EDT  

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