Sunday, May 07, 2006

Hookers and Poker and Spies, Oh My!

Who would have thought it?

Now, everyone knows that the more strait-laced a member of the current Administration or the Christian Fascist wing of the GOP acts in public, the more likely that in private life they are a seething volcano of degenerate lust and depraved tastes that would make even Caligula blush.

So, with all that in mind, we begin with a lovely scandal that caused Randy "Duke" Cunningham to resign from the House o' Representatives in disgrace in advance of his prison sentence. Add to that the growing connection between the defense company lobbyist, Cunningham and a certain limo company in Washington DC, and stir in a "hospitality suite" at (of all the stupid places) the Watergate Hotel (!) where poker parties were held.

Poker parties possibly staffed with hookers (sex undetermined as of yet - you know how rumors are).

According to a source close to the investigation, one of the frequent participants in these parties was a former Congresscritter who now ranked high in the intelligence community. There was one person who fit that bill exactly - The Direct of Central Intelligence, one Porter Goss.

Goss quit on Friday - no two weeks' notice, none of that "I'll stay until my replacement is confirmed" bullshit. He left, bye-bye.

There are several theories as to why he left - the growing sex scandal in DC, the fact that he was almost universally hated by the CIA, and the fact that his methods at purging 'disloyal' (Democrat and liberal) members from the Agency were not winning him any friends.

So we have yet another lovely scandal breaking over the White House and preparing to descend like a fine odoriferous shitmist.

The most likely fool to be nominated by Dear Leader to replace Goss will be the head of the NSA and Deputy Director of National Intelligence, General Hayden. I would seriously question this Air Force stumblebum's credentials, since he hasn't even read the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution (or at least hadn't prior to January of this year), and his agency is the one enforcing Dear Leader's Stalinist domestic wiretapping program.

We have some fun days coming up, folks.


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