Saturday, May 27, 2006

Weird News

Occasionally I like to read foreign news service websites. Not only do they give me a wider perspective on events, but sometimes they're rather funny.

From the Sydney Morning Herald we learn of a high school prank in the United States (Dallas County; I'm thinking Texas) where an honors student and his accomplice delivered a batch of bran muffins to the faculty. The muffins were laced with marijuana.

If you think hilarity ensued, you would be wrong.

Eighteen people had to go to the hospital, and the two high schoolers are looking at 10 years in prison for adulterating food.


One of the national symbols of Germany is the bear (matter of fact, it's on the coat of arms for the city of Berlin). Unfortunately, the last bear in Germany was gunned down about 170 years ago.

A single bear, apparently fancying a look around, wandered into the southern state of Bavaria from Italy (by way of the Alps - what, you think he flew?) about two weeks ago. After satisfying his hunger by killing a few sheep, the governor of Bavaria issued a shoot-to-kill order.

I guess the Germans like their national symbols on postcards, and not running about loose.


Blogger Walt said...

Correction - that was the Environment Minister, not the Governor.

11:42 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That makes it even funnier

6:33 PM EDT  

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