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Vacation Pictures - The Hofgarten

This is the north side (the back door) of the Residenz, the home of Bavaria's kings when they decided to live in Munich. It houses two museums, one devoted to the house and its furnishings, and the other is the Schatzkammer or Treasury. But that isn't our subject right now; we're looking at the Hofgarten or Court Garden - sort of the "back yard."
A pullback shot showing the perimeter of the garden in relation to the north entrance. There is a double line of trees surrounding the garden, leaving a nice shady walk to beat the sun.

Between the Hofgarten and the Residenz is an imported Egyptian obelisk, and this enterprising fellow was using a ladder and a lift in order to take a rubbing of the hieroglyphs on it.

A view down the perimeter lane surrounding the garden. The trees did a great job of damping down traffic noise and people were enjoying the place.

The central gazebo of the Hofgarten, dedicated to the Greek goddess Diana.

This former palace is at the east end of the Hofgarten, and is now the Bavarian Staatskanzlei (State Chancellery), the seat of government for the state. Bavaria describes itself as a Free State within the Federal Republic, and they try to go their own way in terms of various domestic policies.

Another view of the State Chancellery with an equestrian statue of the guy who started it all - Otto the First, the first Duke of Bavaria.

Here's a horse's-ass view of Duke Otto I, looking west out over the Hofgarten. Right in front of him is the state war memorial.

The Hofgarten is laid out in the prevailing fashion when it was first set out - very geometric and precisely centered on the gazebo. The dome and bell towers in the distance to the left is the Theatine Church of St. Kajetan, notable for its odd yellow color.

A view looking northwest. Hidden by the trees is a shopping arcade, done in an Italian style.

This picture gives you an idea of the size of the gazebo.

Here's one of the fountains inside the gazebo. The decorations include coral and seashells.


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