Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Vacation Pictures - Oddities

While not exactly "oddities," these are a few pictures of stuff that doesn't really fit into any distinct grouping, so I'm lumping them together. A lot of these were taken just on a whim so I'd have something to talk about later.

This is in the German Museum (Deutsches Museum), and it's actually an alarm clock. No, really. You use the compass to align the sundial, and adjust the magnifying glass. At the right time, the sun shines through the magnifying glass and touches off the little brass cannon. Neat, eh?
A street mime. The things you see when you can't call in an air strike ...

Bad puns aren't an American invention. I laughed at this even as I was taking the picture.

This statue was in a public park that was part of a commerical/residential area near the Theresienwiese, the field where the Oktoberfest is held each year. I was tempted to say it was Lady Godiva, but she's riding a unicorn.

The magazine Bild was running a series of articles on how to cope with embarrassing or tense situations, and they were running a series of billboards to advertise. This one reads, "Honey, I'm sleeping around on you (literally "Dear, I have betrayed you")."

"Yes, your rear end is too fat." I saw two others while I was there but didn't get pictures; one read "Mommy, your cooking stinks" and the other was the ever-popular "Dad, I'm gay." You have to admit, they were eye-catching.

On the day I did the tour of Dachau (pictures to come), there was a charity bike race and other activities being set up in the plaza in front of the Neues Rathaus. One of the activities was sponsored by Munich's Bundesliga team, FC Bayern Muenchen. The side was doing rather well, and I missed out on getting a ticket to see their match with Herta BSC Berlin. I did, however, get a team shirt as a souvenir. The purpose of the sign was to kick or head a soccer ball through the holes and into the net.


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