Saturday, May 05, 2007

Generic Bush Advisor Speech (retro version)

"Corona veniat electus - Victory shall come to the worthy.

Today, democracy, liberty, and equality are words to fool the people. No nation can progress with such ideas. They stand in the way of action.

Therefore, we frankly abolish them.

In the future, each man will serve the interest of the State with absolute obedience. Let him who refuses beware! The rights of citizenship will be taken away from all Democrats and other non-Americans. They are inferior and therefore enemies of the state. It is the duty of all true Americans to hate and despise them.

Henceforth this nation is annexed to the American Empire, and the people of this nation will obey the laws bestowed upon us by our great leader, the Commander Guy of America, the conqueror of Iraq, the future Decider of the World!"


Actually, this firecracker of a speech was written for the 1940 move The Great Dictator, and the lines were spoken by character actor Henry Daniell. Daniell played the Tomainian Minister of Propaganda, Herr Garbitsch.

Sounds like a generic speech that could have been given at any time since we went to war in April 2003, doesn't it? Of course, the object of Garbitsch's vituperation was the Jews of Osterlich, not Democrats and Iraq.

But it sounds awfully, chillingly familiar, doesn't it?


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