Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Two Words:

Fucking Wankers.

For those people unlucky enough at this juncture to be residents of Florida, this is the Capitol Complex in Tallahassee. Kindly note the phallic symbolism of the two legislative chambers (domed) flanking the office block.

Sort of what they've done to us, with their notions of property tax reform.

Phase One of this gang rape is completed, and the overall savings to the average taxpayer will be about $178 a year. Think about that a moment - only $178 a year in savings. Naturally the richer you are, the better off you'll be - and if you're a big corporation, you're making out like a godsdamned thief.

But this is the False Republican meme, folks: Trick-fuck the public while lining the pockets of the rich and the corporations who donate money to the politicians.

Now, to the counties and municipalities, the pain caused by this first phase of cuts can be likened (on the pain index) to a prostate exam by a doctor with large fingers.

But the best is yet to come.

Phase Two.

Phase Two is due in January, in the form of two amendments to the state Constitution. One choice (the one that makes the homestead exemption portable) will not hurt the counties or municipalities, while the other (another tax rollback) will eclipse the earlier cut in terms of relative pain in much the same way that an unwelcome finger in the rear can be compared to taking a whole fist all the way up to the elbow.

But a lot of people don't care. To them, essential services such as police, fire and EMS are like insurance - usually out of sight/out of mind. Now, imagine having to wait for a police officer to show up while your husband beats you.

Would you be willing to trade back that $178 a year now?


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