Saturday, July 21, 2007

Searching for the Truth

I hear that doctors will be at Camp David today to sedate the Pain in the Ass-in-Chief then ram a plumber's snake equipped with a camera up his rear in order to look for polyps. For the amount of time he's out Cheney will be officially in charge.

Cheney's been unofficially in charge, of course, ever since he appointed himself as the Vice-Presidential nominee way back in 2000. It's been his job to piss on our civil liberties, shit on our Constitution and lie, cheat, steal and cozen his way to even greater power.

At his instigation we were lied to in order for the PNAC/AIPAC wet dream of all that sweet Iraqi oil to be realized.

At his direction a CIA officer was stripped of her cover, an act that would ordinarily be called treason (but one must recall that it's okay to do such things, if you're Republican).

At his urging the war drums are beating louder for an attack on Iran, with no regard for how such an attack would impact our troops in the field or what's left of our standing in the world.

Both of these uncouth caterpillars upon our commonwealth need to go - but Cheney first.

Leave Bush sedated - it's nothing new to him, and it'll give the doctors plenty of time to delve deep into what makes him tick..


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