Friday, October 05, 2007


No, NOT me. Don't get your hopes up.

In the previous 597 posts on this blog, I may have mentioned the name Ann Coulter at some point, probably in a less than complimentary fashion. She said something recently, however, that attracted my attention almost instantly. Here it is, in a nutshell:

She wishes that women be no longer allowed to vote.

The 19th Amendment to the US Constitution granted the franchise to all women of voting age in this country, almost doubling the pool of eligible voters (recall that the original framework of the Constitution only granted the vote to white male property owners; it gradually extended that right to others). It took a lot of work by the suffragette movement, and some cooperation from others, to gain this right.

This egregious right-wing "commentator" (first off, are we SURE she's female?) wants to deny herself the right to vote, just to guarantee that the Democrats can't get anyone elected because, to her odd point of view, the Democrats attract more votes from women than they do from men.

Well, let's think about that a moment, Ann my dear.

Taking your hypothesis as true, do you think more women don't vote for Republican candidates because the basic creed of the Republican base is a return to women as subservient brood mares with no control over their bodies? Or is it because the GOP has no regard for issues such as children's health care? Or is it because some women might be afraid that their children will be rounded up, impressed into the military and sent off to fight even more unnecessary wars based on fraud?

Need I remind you, Ann, that you represent yourself as a woman? Here's a taste of what you'd expect if your wishes came true:

"Bitch, get your skinny ass in the kitchen and fetch me a beer, then bend over the coffee table so I can get you pregnant. Work? Your work involves cleaning the skidmarks out of my underwear for no pay or benefits. You want pay? Fine, I'll just slap you across the face five or six times, then break a chair over your head. Now, get in that kitchen."

How's that for a dose of the patriarchy, GOP style, Ann?

Ann, Ann, Ann ... I've seen this level of self-hatred before, recently in the words of a state official in Kansas - a woman, like you purport yourself to be. The problem, I think, is that you have attached yourself like a lamprey to an authoritarian ideology that so blinds you that it causes you to make statements that are so wildly divorced from reality as to be almost funny.

Not funny ha-ha, funny peculiar.

My best advice to you, Dear Ann, is to seek the advice of a psychiatrist and maybe get on some antidepressants before your behavior changes from simple self-hatred to self-destruction. Oh, and put on a few pounds, will ya? You remind me of a scarecrow.


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