Monday, October 01, 2007

Clarence Thomas Should STFU

Everyone hold a pity party for Clarence Thomas, Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court. Ready? Eins, zwei, drei ...


Okay. You can stop now.

According to his new book, Thomas was less than thrilled by the news that he'd been confirmed as a Justice under the first Bush (that's George HW, the current dweeb's father) Administration. Bush tried to defend his choice of a patently unworthy nominee (who was tapped to fill the spot left by the retired Thurgood Marshall) by saying that we needed another African-American on the Court.

So Thomas was apparently a token, just a sop the GOP tossed to the dreaded liberals to keep them happy. Token he may have been, but his ideology was just slightly to the left of Robert Bork and his penchant for sexual harassment almost cost him the seat. I recall watching the confirmation hearings and wondering why he didn't just quit.

What is unfortunate is that, until he either dies or retires, we're stuck with him; him, Antonin Scalia, Samuel Alito and John Roberts.

Besides, what the hell is he complaining about? He's yet another living embodiment of the Peter Principle, and has reached the highest point his incompetence can take him.

He should just Shut The Fuck Up.


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