Thursday, November 29, 2007

Loyalty Oaths, Religious Tests, and the Daily Malfeasor

A number of things smacked me in the eye over the past few days:

The Virginia State Board of Elections approved the Virginia GOP's use of a signed document during the primaries. The document, a loyalty oath, commands the signer to swear that they will vote for the eventual Republican nominee rather than for the Democratic nominee. It might be rather hard to enforce that, unless the fix is in and the State Board is prepared to disenfranchise anyone who votes the "wrong" way.

Mittens Romney was asked if he'd put a qualified Muslim on his Cabinet if elected. After a quick consultation with his Magic Mormon Underoos, Mittens opined that since Muslims are a religious minority in this country he wouldn't have one in his Cabinet. Hey, you supercilious scumbag, religious tests for public office are strictly forbidden by the Constitution. However, since you want to be just as big a criminal as Bush, your response is not surprising.

A "malfeasor" is essentially a wrongdoer, and today's naughty person is Don Ridolfo Giuliani. It seems that the Rudester spent several thousands of taxpayer's dollars for security and transportation while he was schtupping Judith Nathan behind his second wife's back. He hid the expenses in small and out-of-the-way City departments. Now the truth starts to emerge, and we need to see just how far it goes before the Rudinator crashes and burns like the fucking Hindenburg.


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