Thursday, February 07, 2008

A Few Ruminations

“Super” Tuesday?

Well, we now have a clear front-runner in the Republican Party, at least, and the winner of the Fidel Castro Suffering All the Way to Havana Award goes to Senator John McCain. He stood there grinning like a maniac as one win after another was recorded, flanked and supported by the gay Governor of Florida, the man-boobalicious Governor of California, and the quisling “Independent” Senator from Connecticut.

The Political Bisexual’s delegate totals far outstrip those of the Mittbot Romneytron and His Partial Eminence the Governor-Reverend, Mullah Huckabee. I’m not really going to consider Ron Paul a candidate any longer, as he is no longer a serious factor.

Now, on the Democratic side, we’re looking at a tight race right down to the wire unless either Clinton or Obama manage to score a coup in some of the remaining large states (Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, etc.). DNC Chairman Howard Dean has already warned against a brokered convention in Denver, with the accompanying floor fights and favorite son candidates. That could conceivably split the Party, leaving an opening for Nader to leech votes away and give the White House back to the GOP for yet another four years.

Ralphie Boy needs to just STFU and retire to tend his roses. I’ll buy him a lovely mint condition 1964 Corvair if he wants.


Stormy Weather

My Inner Bastard surfaced during a news report on the damage to places like Arkansas and Tennessee over the past few days (my Inner Bastard is largely a product of an id gone horribly awry and my limbic system; it’s not a very amusing guest). The IB snarled aloud that, if I were given to the Magic Thinking that fundies have, I’d say that the damage was God’s vengeance on people for voting for Huckabee on Tuesday.

After slapping my Inner Bastard around, I hastened to assure onlookers that I was only kidding. I’m not into Magic Thinking.


Party of Three, Please

The national security apparatus of the United States apparently doesn’t believe in the adage that secrecy is toxic to a democracy.

They also seem to believe that torture works as a means of extracting information.

General Bunsen Honeydew (excuse me, Michael Hayden) let slip today that we had used waterboarding –

Wait a minute. What’s this “we” shit, bitch? You got a mouse in your pocket?

Yeah, “we,” and don’t interrupt me again. Whatever they are doing behind closed doors at various rendition sites is being done in our names. We share the moral and legal taint.


Anyway, waterboarding three al-Qaeda guys in order to obtain information which later was found to be of no or very minimal use. And there is the implication that the Dear Leader, Our President, signed off on it.

I think that he might also be responsible for the destruction of the tapes, as well. After all, once you’ve masturbated all over it, the ejaculate makes for a very sticky thing to shove into the VCR (and Laura won’t want to touch it).


Hey Gang! Great Idea!

Let’s re-legalize slavery! It’ll be a hoot!

A story out of NPR last night spoke of a bill before the Congress that would essentially fellate the agrobusiness community and allow them to treat their ‘guest’ workers more like slaves than they actually do – removing legal restrictions and requirements on things like minimum pay, housing, etc.

And this morning, NPR stated that they’d gotten their fingers onto a document where the United States Army apparently told the Veteran’s Administration to deny benefits to wounded soldiers.

Just perfect. We’re looking more and more like Rome every day – latifundia, mistreatment of veterans, the legislature ceding more and more power to the executive, and the chief executive acting more and more like a dictator. Historically, we’re looking at the transition from Republic to Principate, and from there it’s a simple step to the Dominate that (if the Roman analogy holds up) started about AD 200 with Domitian.


A Patch Job

Look at your own body (no, not THAT bit) and you’ll note a few things that don’t seem quite right. The curve of the spine, the knees, the structure of the feet, and other structures in your body (nipples on men? What’s up with that?) all point to the fact that we’re largely cobbled together as a result of our evolution and our civilization.

The good news is, according to some scientists, is that on a genetic level we’ve become so diverse and spread so widely that our evolution has accelerated, so there is some hope that at least the more glaring anatomical and systemic mistakes will correct themselves. Whether our civilization will also evolve to something a bit less amenable to our innate savagery remains to be seen.

Six Tunes
Here are six songs I like to listen to if I'm driving long distance:
"On the Turning Away" - Pink Floyd (I love singing along)
"Radar Love" - Golden Earring
"I Love Rock 'n Roll" - Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
"Fat-Bottomed Girls" - Queen
"Highway to Hell" - AC/DC
"I Can't Drive 55" - can't recall the artiste offhand.


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