Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Florida March Towards Ignorance

If I had the misfortune to be a constituent of State Senator Ronda Storms, I'd be calling for her impeachment right about now. Florida is facing a budget crisis brought on by the sagging economy and the property tax revision, so what does Senator Storms decide to spend our money on?

Why, trying to reject science in science classrooms, that's what.

Senator Storms is supporting a bill that would allow teachers in science classes to teach alternatives to the theory of evolution. The bill may not actually come out and say the words "creationism" or "intelligent design," but anyone with half a brain can see it coming a mile off. To help buttress her weak-as-dishwater argument, she has enlisted a carpebagger.

The carpetbagger is a man named Ben Stein, whose major claims to fame are that he wrote speeches for President Nixon and delivered two words in a monotone for a movie (oh yeah, and he also hawked eyedrops on TV). The movie he brings with him purports to show teachers who are ostracized and denied employment because they don't support evolution.

Leaving aside the foolishness of the movie's arguments, I haven't heard of any teacher in this school district disciplined, ostracized, or fired as a result of his or her beliefs. The entire exercise, costing who knows how much, is yet another blatant attempt to take reason and rationality out of our public schools and replace it with ignorance.

Senator Storms, why are you wasting my tax money this way?


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