Thursday, May 22, 2008

Story Time! Prologue

Here we have a multipart story titled A Busy Half-Century, recounting the history of a fictional country.

The country is found on the maps of the area as the Rain Coast Anarchcracy, but is usually also called Rain Island. It's part of the Spontoon Island alternate Earth, and parts of it are featured in my string of stories grouped under the heading Tales from Rain Island.

Since past is always prologue, a little background.

The Rain Coast is a chain of islands roughly centered on what is - in our world - Vancouver Island, and extending north to Alaska. Settled by Native American tribes thousands of years ago, it has seen an influx of immigrants from Europe, and was declared a province of the Dominion of Canada in the early 1840s.

Ethnic frictions within Canada sparked the Northwest Rebellion of 1885, and it is at this point that our story begins.

Now, the legal stuff. This is a work of fiction. The Spontoon Island stories are copyright to their authors except where specified; the map of the North Pacific is public domain. The characters of M.A. Stagg, Z. O'Dell, and E. DiCaprino are (c) E.O. Costello; all other characters are (c) Walter Reimer. Historical personages and events are used to provide context.

So, let the story begin.


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