Monday, May 26, 2008

Wishing People Harm

Sigmund Freud is famously said to have opined, "Every dream is a wish." If that's so, then what are we to make of these little tidbits?

Pat Robertson suggesting that Libyan leader Moammar Qaddafi and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez be asssassinated, and the US Department of State in Washington be nuked?

Ann Coulter suggesting that someone should poison a US Supreme Court Justice with rat poison in his creme brulee?

Liz Trotta of Fox clumsily conflating Senator Obama with Osama bin Laden and chuckling over both of them getting killed?

A concurrent thread runs through these three, and so many others. These people are all right-wing shills for one cause or another, and they are signalling.

Hate groups have increased by 48% in this country, ladies and gentlemen. Lots of people just waiting for The Sign, the signal they need to start making bombs and stocking up on ammunition. Leon Czolgosz, the guy who shot President McKinley in 1900, got his signal from reading articles in anarchist newspapers; William Hinckley got his signal from the movie Taxi Driver and shot Ronald Reagan to impress Jodie Foster.

Member of the ACLU that I am, I support the First Amendment that gives these assholes the right to spew their noxious venom and thinly-veiled threats. But people need to show some restraint, lest they be hauled into court for incitement to murder.


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