Tuesday, September 02, 2008

One Night in Bangkok, One Day in Tokyo

Sounds like song lyrics, huh? Well, never mind all that.

The government of Thailand, already wobbly after chasing former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra from office and out of the country, declared a state of emergency in the capital following massive protests in which at least one person has died. The commander of the army promised that the troops wouldn't use force to disperse the protesters.

To compound matters further, the country's electoral commission court is reviewing whether the ruling party should be banned from politics for five years over allegations of vote-buying. Hey, that would be a great idea to bring to this country, wouldn't it? Get caught cheating in a national election and lose the ability to hold any office in government for five years.

And over in Japan, Prime Minister Fukuda's abrupt resignation yesterday came as a bit of surprise to very few. Fukuda has held power for about a year and was dogged by a sagging economy, unpopularity, and an opposition-held upper house of the Diet.

Aso Taro, a bigwig in Fukuda's party, is apparently positioning himself for a run at the party leadership which would make him a good bet to become Japan's next prime minister.

And, right after the Olympics, China had yet another large earthquake in Sichuan Province.

You have to wonder just what's next in the way of disasters for Asia ...

Oh, bugger.


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