Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Trouble with In-Laws?

In certain parts of eastern and northern India, it's not a really good idea to marry outside of your social caste or socioeconomic station.

In Bhagalpur region, 21-year-old Ratan Mandal eloped with his eighteen-year-old sweetheart. In most areas of the world this would scarcely be cause for comment. But Mandal's family was poor and young Kanchan Kumari's family were wealthy.

So, you ask?

So the bride's family lured the groom's family into a trap on the pretext of settling the dispute between then, shot and beheaded eight members of the Mandal family and threw the bodies into the river.

I suppose that's one way of settling the dispute, as well as making sure there are no uncomfortable moments with the in-laws at family reunions.

Fifteen people, mostly members of the bride's family, are charged with the murders.


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