Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Was It Colonel Mustard Who Done It?

I was doing my usual early morning trawl through the news (you never know what you'll come up with) when this caught my eye:

"A 16-year-old girl was found dead and another girl was found unconscious in an Army barracks at Fort Lewis near Tacoma, Washington, during the weekend, a base spokesman said Monday."

The dead girl's undergoing an autopsy and the unconscious girl was taken to the hospital, leaving wide open like a gaping wound the simple question of what the hell they were doing in a barracks at 3:30 in the morning in the first place.

A soldier who was an acquaintance of one of the girls has been questioned, but no arrests as of now.

The funny bit was an Army spokesman for the base saying that the presence of two underage girls in a barracks so late at night was "likely" a violation of the base's visitor's policy.



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