Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Channels That Aren't Showing Michael Jackson's Tribute

And why they should.

Here we go:

National Geographic Channel - because Michael visited Africa once or twice.
Sci-Fi Channel - because Michael was a bit of a scary guy.
Food Network - because Michael did eat (at least I think he did).
Animal Planet - because he loved animals (just ask Bubbles the Chimp).
Cartoon Network - for those people who recall that wretched Jacksons cartoon back in the 70s.
ESPN - because watching Michael's various vicissitudes could be seen as a sporting event (at least you could bet on the trial).
Home Shopping Network - because they can make a mint today by selling Michael Jackson kitsch.
Turner Classic Movies - because I'm certain that Michael's fans just won't get enough of The Wiz, Captain Eo, and Moonwalker.

And finally ...

The History Channel - because like it or not he's history now.


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