Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Roman Polanski

Well, it's been about thirty years, and someone in Switzerland finally realized that the arrest warrant on this guy was still active. Polanski, you see, raped a 13-year old girl back in the late 70s, copped a plea and ran like a thief before he could be sentenced.

He ran to places where extradition is hard - France and Poland.

Which are now agitating at Switzerland to release him.

Almost as bad are the number of cretins who are now apologizing for and defending Polanski's actions. The basic arguments are this:

1. The victim wants to move on from this (she's now in her forties).

2. It wasn't "rape rape" (this from Whoopi Goldberg, who should know better).

3. It was consensual.

4. She had permission from her mother, who sent her to Polanski.

Allow me to retort.

A. She may want to move on from this, but the fact remains that Polanski fled the country before he could pay for his crime. Had there been any judicial misconduct (cited by many of the apologists) that was a matter for the appellate courts.

B. Rape is rape is rape, Whoopi. He plied a 13 year old with drugs, then raped and sodomized her. And this wasn't a case of statutory rape - a 17 year old banging his younger girlfriend. Polanski was 44 at the time.

C. The victim was THIRTEEN. Consent is irrelevant under the law at that age, and the fact that drugs were used defeats the consent argument anyway. If she was high on drugs, how could she have formulated a clear consent?

D. Her mother pimping her daughter out. How Hollywood is that? We have laws on the books that defeat that argument - it's usually called 'sexual battery while under custodial supervision.' A babysitter who sexually batters a child in her care is the same level of rapist as an award-winning director who gets permission from a girl's mother to have the girl stay over at his house.

And don't give me that argument about how Polanski survived Auschwitz and couldn't hack confinement again. Lots of people survived the death camps, and I'm sure that a few of them may have gone to jail at some point in their lives afterward. I'm fairly sure that the death camps didn't produce a crop of pederasts.

(Note I said pederasts - people who have sexual relations with children - as opposed to a pedophile.)

Roman Polanski has evaded the hand of Justice long enough. By fleeing rather than facing the consequences of his actions, he is in direct criminal contempt of the State.

He's danced long enough. Time for him to pay the piper.


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