Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Opinions Are Like A$$holes

Everyone has one. On every topic you care to name.

In an off-the-record remark (subsequently published for all the world to hear) President Obama was asked about alleged musician Kanye West's shenanigans at the MTV Music Awards (for those with scorecards, West took the microphone away from the winner, a girl named Taylor Swift, and blurted out something in a cognac-induced haze).

The President's opinion? That Kanye West was a "jackass."

Of course that's making the rounds of the Mighty Wind Machine that is all that is left of our Fourth Estate.

Another person, an aide to former (thank the Goddess) President George W Bush, came out with a book that enshrines some of that worthy's off-the-record comments.

Like referring to Obama as "this cat" and averring that he's clueless (although whether or not GWB ever had a clue is a matter of conjecture).

Or joking that Sarah Palin was Governor of Guam, and was completely at sea regarding national issues.

You see, people are entitled to their opinions.

Which is why I keep my peace when friends start to gloat about ACORN losing funding or not being allowed to take part in the Census.

My opinion on that is that it must really grate on Michelle Bachmann and Glenn Beck that ACORN is being pushed aside. They've spent the past ten months or so beating this straw man with a big stick - having it fade away won't give them much more to squeal about than Teabagger Parties or Death Panels or what-have-you.

Yeah, I have opinions. That's why I blog.

Do you have an opinion?



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