Sunday, September 27, 2009

The True Face of the GOP Base

The hat tip for this scrap of video is courtesy of the good folks at Wonkette. The video's in the "Leave Brittany Alone!" genre, and seems like an accurate depiction of the GOP al Qaeda, the rancid and brain-moldy base of what used to be the Grand Old Party:

Pathetic, isn't it?

These are the people you see at teabag rallies (actually, this guy looks as though he's had at least one scrotum across his forehead at some time in his worthless life), screeching incoherent slogans spoon-fed to them by Fox News or waving badly-spelled signs.

Meet the Enemy, ladies and gentlemen. This is the human detritus that fuels the New Republican Party.


Blogger M. Mitchell Marmel said...

Not entirely sure just where they dig troglodytes like this up. The Tea Parties I attend are chock full of normal-looking folks pissed off at the government at general, not any one party. They're as likely to cuss out Shrub as they are BO...

3:42 AM EDT  
Blogger morb320 said...

He looks like he could use some health care insurance that includes mental health and drug addiction coverage. I noticed that he demonstrates a lack of understanding of how the political process in America works since he thinks that President Obama was able to sign a bill banning flavored tobacco products before it had cleared Congress first. He can always stock-pile the flavored dip that he enjoys so much while he's stock-piling guns and ammo. As an AA, I'm not shocked at his references to the president using the n-word or the word monkey. I really feel sorry for this young man. Maybe some of the legislation that makes it through Congress can be used to help him.

11:51 AM EDT  
Blogger Sara said...

Holy mackerel. I don't even know where to begin...

2:04 PM EDT  
Anonymous blondesense said...

I have no idea what he said. Can't understand him.

5:02 AM EDT  
Blogger Sara said...

I mean, I keep thinking... well, too much exposure to lead as a small child? Was he eating paint chips or something? Fetal alcohol syndrome? Exposure to mercury? He doesn't have all his marbles. Or maybe he traded them for dip, or something.

3:43 PM EDT  

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