Friday, September 11, 2009

Vacation - Driving Through Georgia

(Not as much fun as Sherman's Drive to the Sea, much as I might have liked to - my wish list has always included my very own Mongol horde, bent on pillage and rapine. Hey, a guy's gotta have a hobby.)


It rained on me from just south of LaFayette all the way to just north of Columbus, my CD collection barely able to keep my mind engaged as I drove along. Still, it was a very pleasant drive and what made it the best possible is the fact that I avoided Atlanta, Macon and the entire stretch of Interstate 75.


I missed getting a picture of the Florida state line marker, as I was doing about 70 and the sign was hidden behind some bushes.

One more short hop, and I spend tomorrow night in my own bed, after about 2600 miles and five states. And a lot of pictures!


Anonymous Defensive Driving Course NY said...

Wish a happy vacation time friend... just post some awesome pictures of your long driving.

7:12 AM EDT  

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