Sunday, September 06, 2009

Vacation, Days Six and Seven

Well, it's been a fun weekend.

Saturday saw the convention's fursuit parade, as all of the people who showed up to show off their painstakingly-crafted fursuits (I talked to one young woman who told her she took two years just building the headpiece of her fox costume) parade through the hotel. Members of the hotel staff who were off yesterday showed up to watch, as did quite a few kids.

There were 76 of them, of which about a third (by show of hands) were new to the convention. Great fun.

Of course, running about in a full-body suit can kill you by heatstroke, so a room had been set aside equipped with small high-output fans so that the fursuiters can cool off (there was also ample ice water handy - the volunteer medical staff reported only one health issue the entire weekend.

I've pre-registered for next year, but instead of driving the whole way up to the Memphis area I'll fly up.

So, it's been fun, and the open road beckons once again as I begin my return leg.

Return leg?

You betcha!


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