Tuesday, October 20, 2009

News-related Rant for October 20, 2009

From M2C News, here's Your Humble Announcer.

Another guy was nabbed by the FBI on espionage charges. The man, a former scientist with NASA among other government agencies, is charged with trying to sell national secrets to Israel. When will we learn that the Israelis are NOT our friends?

(Oooh, you shouldn't say that! That's antisemitism!)

(Fuck you.)

Swiss authorities refused to allow the release of convicted pedophile and fugitive Roman Polanski, saying that he was a flight risk. Gee, I wonder why?

The health care reform process is still going, and I'm waiting to see how far over the Democratic 'leadership' will bend over and take it up the chute just to get Olympia Snowe to give her grudging consent to the bill. My guess? Plenty far.

Former Florida House Speaker and current Darling of the Wingnut Right Marco Rubio is still showing strength in the polls against current Governor and US Senate Charlie "I'm NOT Gay, Really" Crist. Rubio's in for a rude shock if he makes it into the Senate - why do you think Mel Martinez is leaving, Marco?

Speaking of wingnuts, these tiny-brained loudmouths continue to bark and howl sedition, secession and armed rebellion against the government of the United States. Under a GOP government, their ravings would be dismissed as noise; but with scumbubbles showing up armed at Presidential functions you really have to wonder when these assholes will stop talking and start shooting. Scant wonder that the Secret Service is considering abandoning its law enforcement function in favor of protective services (threats against the President have increased 400% - and guess who's making those threats? Hint: It's not liberals.)

And from our Sports Desk:

Bwahahahaha! Suck it, Tampa Bay fans! Suck it hard! I'm fed up with people going on and on about the Oakland Raiders and how bad they are. Got news for you, people: Six weeks into the season and Oakland's 2-4. Tampa's sharing the booby prize of 0-6 with Tennessee and the St. Louis Rams. If Oakland beats the Jets this weekend (not beyond the realm of possibility) that'll be two wins in a row. Meanwhile, Tampa's going to Olde London Towne to collect an ass-whipping from the Patriots, who are coming off a 59-0 gang rape of the Titans.

This has been M2C News. Good day.


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