Tuesday, March 02, 2010

March of the Scumbags

The Florida Legislature opens its 2010 session with the Governor's 'State of the State' Address.

No rotten tomatoes will be allowed.

Then the Republican-controlled houses will start meeting to figure out how they can get out of actually doing anything to help the people who elected them.

The state budget's got a $3 billion hole in it, but Cthulhu forbid that taxes should be raised - in fact, there's a bill already on the table that would hold off increases in unemployment taxes.

So the gap will only get bigger. Since the state can't run a deficit Governor Crist, who has decided not to run for re-election in favor of getting anally raped by Marco Rubio in the Senate race, will be forced to accept cuts in spending that will continue to cripple the state.

Lots of fun are expected.

Another item or two from the GOP's Stupid Wing includes a bill to outlaw abortion clinics.

News flash: Abortion is LEGAL. It's been LEGAL for 38 years, and the sooner you crotch-sniffers and Jesus Freaks understand that the better off you'll be. Women are no longer chattel slaves and brood mares. Get over it.

So we strike up a nice piece of music and sit back to watch the March of the Scumbags.