Monday, February 08, 2010


Anonymous Lauren said...

Ok, this could turn into a really long story that is not at all realated to your post so I'm just going to hit the high point. Over at Pajiba, you recommended a short story called Repentance in the comments for the movie Legion. It was about Satan giving up on the idea of taking over. I totally want to read it and it took me this long to try to look for it and I cannot find it. I keep coming up with Leo Tolstoy's same named story or shit about the bible. I'm a big Paradise Lost fan and love about anything that treats Satan as a character worth exploring.

Hm, this did get kinda long didn't it? Anyway, if you remember it and/or can tell me how to find it, could you email me at

Much appreciated. BTW, Sarah Palin is a cunt. So, I guess I did end up on topic?

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