Tuesday, April 06, 2010

March of the Scumbags - Ejukayshun edishun

We're on the downhill slope of the Flori-Duh Legislature's "special session" and things are heating up. Along with bills designed to fuck police, firefighters and EMTs out of their retirement, the GOP majority in both houses decided to pass bills that would guarantee that future generations of Floridian youth will grow up stupid.

If passed in conference and signed by Governor Charlie "I'm Not Gay, Honestly" Crist, the education bill would strip tenure provisions out of education policy and peg teacher's pay directly to student test scores. So teachers will find their jobs relegated to the status of Wal-Mart greeters and be at the mercy of students who are too busy sexting each other to worry about passing the stinking travesty that is the FCAT.

Teachers already teach to the test, drilling endless repetition and rote learning into students so that they emerge from school not really having learned anything. But that's okay - just so they pass the test with scores good enough to keep the teacher employed and paid, the teachers will be happy to let complete dunderheads pass unremarked.

It's as if the GOP and their enablers have read the following line in the Tao te Ching: "Fill their bellies, and empty their minds; then the people will always be faithful."

Of course, perish the thought that any of these Christ-besotted, Moloch- and Mammon-worshiping scumbubbles would ever read anything so philosophical as the Taoist book.


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