Monday, March 14, 2011


Yes, to hear the screeching of the Chattering Classes on the so-called "news" networks in this swiftly-fading Republic, there are actual Demons abroad in the land that must be stamped out before they destroy America.

The Demons are crafty, though - they use aliases:


Law enforcement officers.



And these Demons band together into what are in some areas known as "public service unions" - trying to gull us into believing that they serve the public, when the Chattering Classes, the Teabaggers and the Republican Party all know that they are only wood ticks on the buttocks of the Body Politic, sucking the very lifeblood from the economy.

And like actual wood ticks, it's hard to get them loose.

You have to be crafty, like Wisconsin's Governor Walker. Yep, he was a crafty fellow - hiding the evidence that he was the Koch Brothers' bottom bitch while portraying the trashing of collective bargaining rights as essential to balancing the state's budget. And those protesters? Mere fleas to be ignored while the "news" networks lied incessantly about how violent and destructive they were - even after the truth was revealed.

Now, these Demons will tell you that they perform essential services. You know, useless shit like teaching your kids, making sure Bad People don't break into your home, slaughter you and steal your stuff, making sure that you don't burn to a crackly crunch the next time you leave a pot on the stove, and so on.

You know. Useless shit -

Hmm? What's that?

You say it's not useless shit?

Then why support the ruthless scumbags who are trying to turn the country back to the 1850s?


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