Monday, December 19, 2011

From Our "No! Really?" Files

Christmas Division.

Ah, yes, 'tis the season, isn't it? Culture warriors are out in force, screaming "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" at you as if it were some kind of magic incantation to ward off secularism, stores started flogging seasonal bargains sometime around Labor Day . . .

And a Michigan neighborhood was accused of being pagans.

An anonymous letter was sent around to the people who live on Vintage Drive in the town of Hudsonville telling them that stringing lights, putting up trees and hanging mistletoe was to honor the 'pagan Sun-god,' and not to honor The Borg of Religions.



The early Church moved the exact date of Jesus' birth to December 25th back about 1600 years or so ago (the exact date's anyone's guess - hell, it could be April Fool's Day), probably to coincide with the old Mithraic Feast of the Unconquered Sun. It would make a lot of sense; the 25th is close to the winter solstice, and said solstice is the longest night of the year. Sun or Son, the Church decided if you can't beat 'em, assimilate 'em.

Lights, trees and mistletoe are all pagan, yes indeed. So's the date, and so's practically everything else associated with Christmas. There are even pagan analogs of Jesus' birth.

And I really question the faith and conviction of the letter writer, who published anonymously.

So drink your egg nog, you anonymous asshole, and Merry Christmas.


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