Tuesday, October 15, 2013

At (Almost) the Eleventh Hour

Senators Harry Reid (D-NVerland) and McConnell (R-Youlonesometonight?) have, by some accounts, cobbled together a plan to end the shutdown of the Federal government and kick the debt default can down the road for a little while longer.

Hearing of this, that valiant defender of Tea Party orthodoxy, Senator Rafael Cruz (R-Youfuckingkiddingme?) called a late-night confab of House Republicans in the basement of a local DC restaurant to plot a strategy for stamping out the Senate effort.  One GOPer was overheard saying that the Reid/McConnell plan was a "mushy piece of shit."

Well, better get prepared to spread it on toast and eat it, Republican Whore.

Republicans own this financial debacle, having spent months refusing to appoint conferees to sit down with Senators to hammer out a definitive budget, sending the country reeling from crisis to crisis regarding the debt or the continuing resolution or the farm bill or veterans' benefits or what have you, and finally altering the rules of the House of Representatives to deny the opposition from using the Discharge Petition Rule to force a vote on the 'clean' CR.

They own it, so let them eat it. 

The World Bank, the IMF, world financial leaders and their own billionaire pimps are starting to get very nervous about the idea that the United States may undergo its first deliberate default since the passage of the 14th Amendment ("the public debt of the United States . . . shall not be questioned").  The pimps have gone to their whores, the "Establishment" Republicans, and told them to solve the problem even if it means swallowing their pride.

To their surprise and chagrin, the plea is largely falling on deaf ears among the Tealiban, some of whom are positively gleeful at the prospect of destroying the country.  One of the stupidest of this pack of cretins, Louie Gohmert of Texas (I mean, seriously, where the fuck else?) has actually said aloud that if the Republicans manage to pull this off and cause a debt default, Obama should be impeached.

I'm of the opinion that the 80-odd (and some of them are VERY odd) Tea Partiers need to be impeached for treason and removed from office.  With cattle prods, if necessary.

So here we stand, on a brink, and there are some who insist we should emulate lemmings and hurl ourselves into the abyss, laughing maniacally.


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