Tuesday, June 28, 2005

News Weirdness

I read several news websites over the course of a given day, and sometimes I run across some truly interesting things.

From the BBC:

The Herald, a state-run newspaper in Harare, Zimbabwe, has published a story stating that the US and the UK used "unspecified 'unconventional' chemical weapons" to manipulate the climate, causing widespread droughts and famine in southern Africa.

Hmm. Didn't know we could do that ...

Also from the BBC:

Two hundred years ago this year, the British Fleet under Nelson destroyed a combined Franco-Spanish fleet under Villeneuve off the Spanish Cape of Trafalgar. The victory ended Napoleon's aspirations to invade and subjugate England, and confirmed English naval supremacy until the First World War.
The obligatory battle reenactment will be fought between a 'red' force and a 'blue' force, in order to spare any hard feelings on the part of the French.

Excuse me? This would be like fighting a reenactment of the Battle of Apomattox Courthouse and having Grant surrender to Lee in order to spare any hard feelings on the part of the former Confederate states.

From Korean Central News Agency (North Korea):

"The normalization of the relations between the DPRK and the U.S. can never come true so long as the latter remains hostile to the DPRK and keen to overthrow the former's system. If the U.S. is interested in normalizing the bilateral relations, it should recognize and respect the system in the DPRK and give up its intention to bring it down."

Oh, so it's that easy, huh? Surprising that no one's pointed it out to Bush yet.


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