Sunday, July 03, 2005

Anti-Drug Announcement, Addendum

So, after three hours in the Restraint Chair, we let Laughing Boy up so we could give him lunch. He drank the glass of juice, threw the food back at us, then started kicking the door again.


I went to his cell and arrived in time to see him launch a flying kick at the door, stop when his foot made contact, and fall flat on his back.

>double sigh<

A deputy and I entered the cell and when we tried to restrain him he wanted to try fighting. Not smart.
Now, in the time between his lunch and this point he had thrown some water out of the toilet onto the walls and floor, and he himself was sweating rather profusely. Which made for a slippery and rather nasty scrimmage as he was restrained. Handcuffs were used, then shackles, and finally the Restraint Chair was reintroduced. And we finally got another bit of lucidity out of him - seems that the "purple pill" was Ecstasy. Yummy, speed and Ecstasy. Two great things that go great together.
Then the nurse announces that she's just gotten authorization from the doctor to give him a shot. Hurrah! Maybe now we can settle down and get the reports written (hey, this ain't "Cops," after all).


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