Saturday, July 02, 2005

Excuse Me, But ...

I thought Bush and Rumsfeld said that things were improving in Afghanistan?

" increase in street crime, gang violence, kidnappings of foreign aid workers, murders of Afghans who support the U.S.-backed government and continued high levels of drug crop cultivation and trafficking have added to a sense of insecurity in the country. Afghan officials have been struggling to rebuild their country since the Taliban militia was ousted by a U.S.-led military campaign at the end of 2001.
"In the past three months, there have been dozens of attacks and clashes in several provinces. More than 400 suspected insurgents have been killed, along with several hundred Afghan civilians and soldiers. The U.S. military has suffered 45 deaths, including the 16 killed in the helicopter crash." - The Washington Post

CNN reported last month (off the wire, either AP or Reuters) that the World Health Organization was reporting 2,000 cases of cholera in Kabul, with the danger of a countrywide epidemic.

And this is improvement?


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